The Albino deer herd in Northern Wisconsin is quite magical to witness…

‘The Private Life Of Deer’ Documentary Explores Rise Of Whitetails In U.S. Suburbs
White tailed deer are very common in the U.S., so common in fact that their numbers have exploded in the suburbs of most U.S.

cities in the Midwest and out East. However, one type of deer remains quite rare. Albino deer, also known as “white ghost deer,>
live “a private life in the northern Wisconsin woods,” according to PBS. Captured here by photographer Jeff Richter, the albino deer there appear to be almost mythical.

Boulder Junction, Wisconsin is home to Wisconsin’s largest herd of albino deer

. The albino deer herd of Boulder Junction is one of Wisconsin’s great natural treasures. Sometimes referred to as white deer or ghost deer, these white-tailed
deer are true albinos. They all exhibit the pure white coats as well as pink noses, ears and hooves.

Being able to see one of Boulder Junction’s albino deer is an unforgettable experience.

During the spring, summer and fall, the bright coloration of these white deer makes them easy to spot among the forest foliage

During the winter, the white coats of the albino deer blends in with the snowy surroundings, making them appear as ghosts moving across the landscape.

Albino deer have been in Wisconsin as long as white-tailed deer have been in the state.

Native Americans speak about white deer in their ancient lore. Many generations of Boulder Junction residents have spotted white deer in the pine forests.
The Magical Albino Deer Herd Of Wisconsin Is Breathtaking - Kingdoms TV

However, it is illegal there for hunters to shoot an albino deer, so perhaps this has allowed an existing population of albino deer to grow. Also, due to their uniqueness, people probably feed and look after the albino deer more than other deer.

The Mysterious Albino Deer Herd | Outdoor Life
The best time to see white deer in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin is around sunrise and at sunset, when the deer are moving to and from feeding areas.

Quite often, albino deer will be found among normally-colored deer.
Recently, the Wisconsin Public Television program, “In Wisconsin” featured Boulder Junction’s albino deer. Watch the video below of these magical and beautiful creatures.
Fear for the white deer - Isthmus | Madison, Wisconsin

Prophesy of the White Deer

Native Americans have a long history of respect for white deer which are sometimes referred to as the ‘ghost deer.’ The Lenape Indians have a white deer prophesy. Here is an oral translation of that prophesy.

“It has long been predicted that there would come a time when a white male and female deer would be seen together, and that this would be a sign to the people to come together.

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