Meet Enzo – The Unique Golden Retriever Born With The Most Amazing Birthmark…

Enzo is a friendly, cuddly and adorably unique pup who found his forever family when he was only 2 years old.

He suffers from a rare genetic mutation that makes him stand out in a crowd and causes a large black splotch around his eye area.


He is a purebred Golden Retriever, typically this breed will have a single bright golden coat, but Enzo’s birthmark covers the left side of his face.

And it just makes him that bit more beautiful!




“Golden retrievers are born with a base black coat, with a ‘modifier gene’ that turns them golden,” Ella Castro, Enzo’s mom, told The Dodo. “Almost every dog has this modifier. Enzo has a little stumble in his DNA that erased it on that one part of his face.”

>Enzo’s condition is very rare and the condition is called pigmented somatic cell mutation.

>Enzo is an Instagram star with nearly 200k followers, you can follow him at mister.enzoviola. Who could resist that darling face!

<>Enzo is completely unaware of how unique he really is, he continues life as a happy go lucky golden retriever, as he should!

Stangers seem to always be fascinated with Enzo and his unique birthmark, while Enzo is on a mission to befriend the entire world.



“Most people don’t know he’s a golden,” Castro said. “

They often ask his breed and say they assumed he was a mutt, because goldens are solid colored.”

As if he wasn’t unique enough, Enzo is also extremely large for his age!

Meet Enzo – The Unique Golden Retriever Born With A Amazing Birthmark - Arm  Press Media

Golden Retriever is an Instagram sensation due to his birth mark | Metro News

Another quirk about Enzo is that he’s actually very, very big for his age.


Golden Retriever Born With A Birthmark On His Face - 9GAG

Meet Enzo – The Unique Golden Retriever Born With A Amazing Birthmark - Arm  Press Media

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