A herd of gentle deer relaxes under pink cherry blossom trees…

Nara Park is one of the oldest public gardens in Japan, where 1,200 beautiful sika deer roam freely on the 1,240 acres of ground.

The innocent animals share their space with several tourists who visit the beautiful cherry blossoms.

The park had a lot of visitors, but recently, the officials had only allowed locals to enter for some reason.

A Japanese photographer, Kazuki Ikeda, shared some beautiful moments online that he encountered at the Nara Park.

The online community has loved the beautiful moments that showed a herd of Sika deer having a fantastic time relaxing amid the cherry blossom trees.

Such peaceful animals sitting against the backdrop of gorgeous trees was something enjoyable

The photographer had organized a pre-wedding photoshoot that day but captured the beautiful animals instead before he started his work.

The unforgettable experience looked magical because of the cherry blossom season.

Ikeda found some of the deer sitting quietly while the others roamed freely in the park and grazed on the ground filled with petals.

The photographer had brought the crunchy crackers being sold near the park to feed the deer.

Anyone visiting the park was allowed to feed the wild deer.

When Ikeda offered the snack to the innocent animals, a beautiful deer instantly came close to the kind human and took the food from his hand.

Soon, several other deer, who saw the man feeding their friends, walked towards Ikeda and waited for their turn to be provided.

The beautiful inhabitants of the Nara Park looked comfortable around him and were not scared of any humans.



A herd of gentle deer relaxes under pink cherry blossom trees

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