Fishermen thought they were rescuing a seal stranded on an iceberg, a rare predator was waiting for their help…

Mallory Harrigan, Allan Russell and Cliff Russell are fishermen who were near a peninsula in Canada.

Then they came across a very strange situation. On the iceberg they saw an unusual creature that was really helpless.

That creature sought help because it was clearly not a sea creature.

Fishermen noticed something strange near the sea.

The unusually shaped Santa Claus received an unusual guest.

Everyone at first thought it was a little seal.

But after a while, they realized that it was actually an Arctic fox that seemed to have no help.

She floated reluctantly with that big iceberg.

Mallory Harrigan thought she ended up there because she was looking for something to eat.

Everyone probably knows what her real wishes were, but they still managed to get her on the ship and give her everything she needed to survive.

She was given crackers and chips, and when she regained consciousness she ate sausage properly.


Fishermen Think They Found A Seal Floating On An Iceberg, Then They Take A  Closer Look | Bored Panda

While this is not the healthiest thing a predator should eat, it is in any case better than being left alone helpless and hungry in that ice.

Canadian couple save Arctic fox stranded on precarious iceberg | Daily Mail  Online

When they successfully returned from the sea, the fox ran to its environment to which it actually belongs.

Fishermen thought they had seen a seal on an iceberg: the find shocked them  - News Rebeat

A crew that has a big heart and that is very kind saved the life of that creature. We all need to see how wonderful these animals really are in the nature to which they belong.

Fishermen thought they had seen a seal on an iceberg: the find shocked them  - News Rebeat

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