Meet Frederik The Great, A Stunning Friesian Stallion From The United States…

Sharing his name with the ruler of Prussia from 1740-1786, the highly acclaimed horse has a muscular build, striking black features and flowing mane.
The beautiful stallion is owned by Pinnacle Friesians where he stands at stud in the Ozark Mountains in the US.

So popular is the horse that an online gallery featuring artwork of him has been created.
The Prussian-named horse (who’s breed has almost gone extinct three times already) has become an internet sensation

The Great Fredrik considered to be as one of the most Photographic
Friesian’s in the world, and the amazing photographs taken by Photographer Cally Matherly, who admired by million worldwide,

The handsome Friesian has some movie offers provided by most famous Movie Production Companies.

More contributions are ahead to his offspring some of which would include height, fantastic temperament, performance potential, excellent gaits, conformation, smooth transitions and a great willingness to work, very high black gene, and tons of “HAIR.”
Source: Facebook

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