When Their Friend Is Attacked By A Hawk A Goat And A Rooster Save The Day…

For animals, the world may be a hazardous place. But having pals makes life far less terrifying.

Ask this really fortunate hen.

Recently, a stranger made the decision to raid Jaap Beets’ farm in the Netherlands.

It was a hawk, and it was clear that he had his eyes set on one specific occupant, one of Beets’ hens.

What the hawk didn’t count on was that the hen had some faithful friends on her side.

A rooster and a goat came in to defend the chicken and chase the hawk away shortly after he started his attack.

Despite the terrifying episode, the unwary hen’s situation was saved by her brave comrades.

“The rooster and goat who sprang to protect our hens made me very pleased,” “stated Beets.

“The fact that the chicken lived also made me extremely happy.

Here is a video of that incident:

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