Tiny Bird Provides A Ray Of Light To Ukrainian Soldier On The Frontline…

This is one of those beautiful, unexpected situations that can put a smile on someone’s face, even during the worst of situations.
Here is the moment when a

Ukrainian soldier who was taking a break from the fighting was visited by a cute little bird.

The Great Tit seemed to be really interested in this specific soldier who was taking a rest in the snow.

The soldier who looks like he may also be cold cracks a smile, and how could he not as the bird closely examines him.

The bird then begins to nibble his face, turning what was otherwise a bleak situation into a happy one.

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VIDEO : https://kingdomstv.com/tiny-bird-provides-a-ray-of-light-to-ukrainian-soldier-on-the-frontline/#brid_cp_Brid_55217650

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