Elephant Couple, Rescued After Being Slaves For 80 Years, Finally Have Time Of Their Lives At New Sanctuary…

In Thailand, a couple of elephants that had been kept as slaves for up to 80 years have finally been set free.

Elephants Boonme and Buabaan have spent most of their lives in the forestry and elephant-trekking industries, where they were forced to labor while chained until they were exhausted.

They were ultimately liberated from their owners and released into Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai following a large fundraising drive

Christian Leblanc, a 23-year-old YouTube vlogger, and videographer from Canada, assisted in the rescue. He was instrumental in raising thousands of dollars to cover the cost of their release.

Boonme, 80, and Buaban, 50, now spend most of their time splashing around, playing, and munching on fresh fruit and veggies in their new backyard, which includes a river and mud bath.

“The elephants couldn’t be happier now.

They’ve both made a new best friend named BaiCha and as a trio they’re inseparable,” said Christian.

“But before we freed them, they would’ve been giving dozens of people rides on their backs every day.”

“To the point where Boonme actually collapsed and had to be lifted by a crane so she could get back to work. That’s when we knew something had to be done.
the moment elephants kept as slaves for up to 80 years were finally released to roam free in Thailand

Christian and his colleagues traveled 15 hours by truck to Surin in order to find the couple.

Boonme and Buabaan have spent most of their lives working in the logging industry and elephant-trekking trade, where they were forced to work until exhaustion while being bound by chains

After a major funding campaign, they have finally been freed from their owners and released in to Thailand's Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

The elephants were then moved in custom-built vehicles back to the Elephant Nature Park, a journey that took 23 hours.
The rescue was made possible with the help of YouTube vlogger and filmmaker, Christian Leblanc (pictured), 23, from Canada. He helped to raise thousands of dollars to pay for their release

The rescue is part of Christian’s planned documentary ‘Black Tusk,’ which aims to educate tourists about the brutality behind Thailand’s growing ‘elephant trekking’ industry.

To reach the pair, Christian and his team travelled by truck for 15 hours to a town called Surin

VIDEO  : https://kingdomstv.com/elephant-couple-rescued-after-being-slaves-for-80-years-finally-have-time-of-their-lives-at-new-sanctuary/#brid_cp_Brid_55373488

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