Meet The Victoria Crowned Pigeon – Nature’s Fanciest Bird (20 Pics)

Wherever we look on this amazing planet, we can find nature’s spectacular creations on every corner.

It’s easy to see why people say that nature is this planet’s greatest artist, here’s proof of really how beautiful it can be:

Meet the exotic Victoria Crowned Pigeon, and we agree, it doesn’t look anything like your regular pigeon.

Along with its bright blue plumage, comes a truly spectacular crown it wears proudly on the top of its head.

This species of bird can grow up to the size of an adult turkey.

These stunning pigeons are native the New Guinea and got their name from a great historical figure, Queen Victoria of Britain who ruled the UK towards the end of the 19th century.

You may struggle
to spot these rare birds in the wild and are threatened in their natural habitat by things such as deforestation.

therefore-this-species-has-been-included-in-the-iucn-red-list-of-threatened-species-as-near-threatened”>Therefore, this species has been included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as Near Threatened.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon — Full Profile, History, and Care

Image credits: Laura Wolf

the-female-lays-a-maximum-of-one-egg-per-mating-season-which-does-not-help-with-population-growth”>The female lays a maximum of one egg per mating season which does not help with population growth. their-mating-dance-is-a-unique-one-and-is-as-intricate-as-you-would-expect-from-such-a-high-end-fancy-bird”>Their mating dance is a unique one and is as intricate as you would expect from such a high-end, fancy bird.

As the male of the species approaches the female in an attempt at courtship, he first bows his head to show off his beautiful crest, his best feature.

He then performs a specific, well-choreographed mating song which involves a rhythmic swing of the tail while intensely wagging the tail.

Image credits: The Virginia Zoo

Image credits: Sandy Cole

Image credits: Kitty Schweizer

Image credits: Bernard Dupont

Image credits: Dennis Jarvis

Image credits: Derek Ramsey

Image credits: Heather Paul

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