Neighbor Moves Out And Leaves His Dog Behind Crying And Scratching At The Door…

There is nothing worse than the feeling of being left behind and desperately searching for your family. Well, that’s exactly what happened to the puppy we’re going to meet today. He didn’t know that his door would be closed forever, since his family moved out and left him alone, writes valuablestories

A neighbor saw the dog howling at the door and said, “My neighbor moved this morning and left that poor dog behind.” The witness put this story on facebook, which quickly became viral.

It was then that a woman, named Shirley Martindale-Horner, got the dog and took him to the groomer. There, he had the opportunity to spend some time with people again, trying to lessen his loneliness!

The little puppy, now by the name of Aubrey, has found love in his new home, with a family that will take care of him and certainly won’t leave him alone!

Shortly after being beautifully groomed, Shirley shared this incredible photo of the puppy, how sweet!

Shirley said that after going to the groomer, the animal never had to worry about finding a locked door again! Shirley is a determined lady and when she took Aubrey with her, her door would always be open for him.


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