This beautiful Indian Giant Squirrel will steal your heart with its colorful fur…

Meet Malabar Giant Squirrel also known as Indian Giant Squirrel. These amazing and rare clicks were captured by a squirrel expert John Koprowski. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was too beautiful and colorful.

The squirrel looked more like a primate than a squirrel to its massive size. When he saw the animal he was impressed not only about his size, but also about his colorful fur too. It was more unique than the squirrels he has seen.

He says that this squirrel is almost twice the size of the eastern gray squirrel and also different from the squirrels we have used to seeing.

They can be a whole range of colors like black, brown, orange, maroon, and purple.

Maroon and purple are unusual in mammals which make them even more special.

The bright-colored and patterned fur also helps them to survive in the wild.

In the shaded understory of a dense forest, the patchy colors and dark hues are a great adaptation to avoiding detection.

But as he says when you see these in the sunlight they will show their true colors and beautiful pelage (fur).
Wikipedia shows that their diet is fruit, flowers, nuts, and tree bark. Some of the subspecies are omnivorous and also eat insects and bird eggs!

01. The colorful squirrel

02. The bright colors of fur

They rarely visit the ground and usually live high up in the forest canopy, jumping and leaping from tree to tree. This leap can be up to 20 feet. Thankfully these gorgeous critters are not currently in danger of extinction but they should be protected.

It is very slim to sighting one of these animals in the wild. You have to visit eastern or southern India but not only that, deep inside to the forest too.

03. The color changes!

04. Always at the highest of the tree

05. The colors help them to avoid detection

06. Sunlight reveals their true colors

07. Fruits are a main diet

08. Look at the beautiful tail

09. Bigger in size than the other squirrels

10. You have to go deep in the forest to see them




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