Black-throated bushtit, wearing a beautiful “bandit’s mask” around its eyes…

The appearance of this bird is amazing, just like its name.


Their size is actually very small, up to 4 inches long and between 4 and 9 grams in weight.


Their feathers contain several colors, and they have an interesting mask around their eyes. Spots in white and brown-orange colors are distributed on the rest of the body.



They mostly live at medium altitudes in some pine forests.


They have a very good social life, sometimes up to 40 of them fly together.


From the lowlands of the Himalayan mountains all the way to India, and even Taiwan, Bangladesh and similar countries, these birds live.


Photographer Chen Chengguang is credited with allowing us to enjoy these amazing photos of birds. He is a professional Taiwanese photographer, especially when it comes to birds.



The photos of these birds are so amazing that probably everyone thought it would be nice to pet one of them.


You can find more amazing photos of these and other birds on Chengguang social networks.















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