A Sick Bear Cub Is Abandoned By His Family And A Cop Risks His Life To Save Him…

Although newborn bears are extremely cute, those who work with them know that it’s best not to pet or approach them since their protective mothers are always on the lookout.

As a result, when State Trooper Thomas Owens discovered a newborn bear in distress, he was in a serious pickle. He was willing to assist, but his life was on the line!

Nevertheless, he couldn’t just let him be. Owens watched as the mama bear crossed the New Hampshire town road with a few cubs behind while maintaining a safe distance.

They crossed one after another.

But, one of the cubs was too weak to watch.

He could not stand up even though his mom tried to help him. But she couldn’t stop there forever. She had to keep moving with the remaining cubs.

The group then asked help from New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife.

He knew he couldn’t touch the ill cub because if he returned, his mother would be furious.

Thankfully, the bear cub was rescued and sent to a rehabilitation clinic.


The soldier had notified the rescuers about the five cubs he had seen, but when they returned, they were surprised to find another ill youngster. He, too, was sent to the recovery center.

The two cubs will be sent back to the wild with their mama as soon as they recover completely. Thanks to the kind trooper, two of the bears are safe and sound.

Heaven knows what fate they would have to face if it was not for him! It’s so nice to see there are still such kind people out there.







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